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So Many Options. So Little Time.

Warning: Our projects are like potato chips! It’s hard to stop at just one. The good news is, you can come back as often as you’d like. We always have new projects available.

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Our Project Categories

If you are hosting a Private Workshop, you will select from ONE of the categories below to have the guests create at the workshop.  You’ll notice that within each category, there are a variety of projects, which guests will be able to choose from.  Also keep in mind, below are just some samples, most projects have a wide variety of design options.

Framed Signs




Farmhouse Fun

Organized Entry

Perfect Porch

Softer Side of Aerie Lane (Canvas, Doormats, etc.)

Kid & Teen/Tween Projects

Sports Themed Projects

Holiday Seasonal Designs
NOTE: Choose 4 projects from this Category for your workshop

Choose from the following: