Public Workshops at Aerie Lane in St. Charles, Missouri, are a DIY haven. You can pre-register with the Public Workshop classes we offer, and turn what you see on Pinterest into a reality!

Public Workshops

Aerie Lane’s top 5 reasons to join a Public Workshop

1. Friends don’t let friends craft at home… alone

2. It’s like a crafter’s support group

3. Our Public Workshops cure your DIY creative block

4. Because sometimes friends need to meet at the shop

5. It’s a stress-free zone

Aerie Lane offers a Public Workshop where you don’t need to have a guest minimum.   We are fully supplied with all you need to create one of our monthly themed projects through one of our Public Workshop times with other crafters. Be sure to pre-register through our Workshop calendar!At Aerie Lane we know that the craft process is often just as much fun as the finished project. Our amazing staff will be there to provide step by step directions, encouragement or conversation!

Choose your month and then your project